Who we are

Inspired by a trip abroad, a career change, and new chapters in motherhood...Piccadilly clothing was created by three women with a heart for creating.

We're a family-owned business made up of a mother, daughter, and daughter in law (we're crazy, right?) with a passion for beautiful, quality clothing for even our littlest generations. Piccadilly was born to fill a market space in women & children’s clothing we couldn’t find ourselves. Something posh and playful. Classic and different. Southern and European.

Our mission is to give our customers clothing that compliments, but stands uniquely on it's own...like the bond between the one's wearing it

The journey so far!

Oh the journey...someone cue "Don't Stop Believing" .

The perfect theme song for this grand adventure! We started this company in the Fall of 2020, at the start of winter...in the middle of a pandemic. Can you imagine a better time to launch a children's clothing line than when the whole world was happily settled into the "pants optional" mindset?

We couldn't either!

All kidding aside, our passion for these dresses and how easily they're worn and cared for drove us to bring them to market in a wild season. We started out making a few dresses for our own little lady, and they quickly became her closet "go-to" for all the different events that transpire in a single day. Preschool, play date, post pool party, neighborhood bbq, etc. We loved the versatility the style offers, while still being functional for everyday activities. As it turns out, other people did too! Our first mini-collection launched in October 2020 and the response was encouraging enough to "hold on to that feelinnnn".

We're so proud to release this next collection and all that it offers for families looking for beautiful clothing that is also LIVED in so beautifully.



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